Hello Friends, Supporters, Residents of Marin County's District 2 and beyond!

I hope that you and your family are safe, healthy, and enjoying a return to something approaching normal as we emerge from a very long year (plus) of COVID restrictions.

Indeed, the past year is one we never would have imagined. It has challenged us as individuals and as a community. It has revealed our capacity and strengths, and at the same time, it has exposed our flaws and vulnerabilities. It reinforced the power of collaboration and partnership, and community coming together. It has made clear the importance of building safe, healthy, resilient, and equitable communities.

Marin County led the state in controlling the coronavirus, in minimizing hospitalizations and death, and in getting residents vaccinated. In fact, we lead the nation in percentage of eligible residents immunized. I am proud of how county government has responded and risen to the challenge; I am proud of our community.

2020 brought us more than an historic pandemic. COVID required navigating our personal and public spheres not just socially distanced, but virtually. It lifted the veil on socio-economic inequity and the health implications of same. The murder of George Floyd triggered a nationwide reckoning with racial injustice that has rightfully reverberated across our county as well. And another devastating wildfire season that cloaked our community in apocalyptic conditions reminding us not only of our fire risk, but also of the urgency to address climate change.

As president of the Board of Supervisors in 2020, my office was front and center in providing the bridge between government and the public in the COVID all-virtual setting as our country and community grappled with these challenging issues. We established an internal communications hub to support coordination, accuracy and consistency of information going out to residents as the community sought to understand public health orders, business guidelines, how to access testing, when they could get a vaccine, etc. And, like hundreds of other city and county employees, my office stepped up to serve in disaster service roles. We took shifts providing support to the Emergency Operations Center, staffed RoomKey (homeless shelter/quarantine) sites, and worked the testing and vaccination pods.

We did this while continuing to keep the D2 office staffed, picking up the phone in real time, responding to the many calls and emails coming to my office, doing our best to help all who reached out for help, guidance, to complain or criticize on everything from the definition of “essential” worker to struggles getting a building permit, and from vaccine eligibility to construction noise complaints.

My thanks to Nancy Vernon and  Crystal Martinez, my excellent staff -- for all their hard work, patience, and can-do approach to everything that has come our way. Their commitment to the County of Marin and to serving the residents of District 2 is unmatched. I could not do this job without them.

Finally, and most importantly, while this past year has required time and energy focused on unexpected  challenges, we continue to make progress on the critical issues you elected me to address: wildfire prevention, flood prevention and emergency preparedness; climate and the environment; housing and homelessness; traffic and transportation; mental health services and support, and more. Go to my website for updates on these and other issues. And if you are not already, please be sure and sign up for my e-newsletterfor periodic updates on current issues and projects.

Thank you for your partnership and support in ensuring a safe, healthy, equitable and sustainable Marin. It is truly an honor to represent District 2 on the Board of Supervisors and to serve this great county.